An Expat Thought: On Money, Food, and Sex, or, lack thereof

I recently got “paid” for the month of August, and by “paid” I was given a bare salary to cover the cost of my apartment and car rental, and other random fees. Luckily they gave “just enough” to cover gas for the next month. And since I’m starting to be a smarter cookie, had some monies saved for food and emergency necessities of October. I wasn’t like this back in America. Indeed, I splurged every paycheck. I blew off money as something to be used, instead of a tool that need maintaining. I’m still trying to understand where this mentality arose, perhaps as a rebellion against my penny-pinching father, who, realistically, is one of the rare few people I know NOT in any kind of debt outside of a house mortgage, which is WHY he penny-pinches and priorities. 

I’m such a late bloomer on how to be an adult, it’s kind of sad. But I know I have just enough to get by until the end of October, when I’ll be properly paid for September’s work, so I’ll live with what I’ve got. I have so much to do that don’t require me to put any money down. Indeed, the things that matter the most to me which NEED attending only require my time and energy. As much as I miss Tokyo, I think I’m still burnt out from all the summer wandering I did. What an extreme sense of life Tokyo is compared to the rural countryside 3 train rides away! But I’m grateful to have friends in those areas, and to feel comfortable enough to venture out on my own when time and finances allow such an escape to a paradigm shift.

Until then, I realize I’m becoming content with my means. Yes, I even feel guilty if I go out to eat, instead of making food at home. But once in a rare while it just feels good to sit down somewhere else, and let someone else prepare you a meal. I do like to eat with other people, being the extrovert and all. Some Friday nights I will stay up late with a midnight snack and skype with family who are having breakfast on the west coast. Little unique moments to color up life.

And why sex? Why NOT talk about sex…


I’ve been pwned by teh net! CURSE YOU, AUTOSAVE FOR NOT DOING YOUR JOB.

I think I was talking about how people like to hook up in this crazy-weird superficial relationships. And here I am, home alone, while my man is an ocean away. I’ve got nothing to worry about, he’s got nothing to worry about, but I am always curious about… how people build such an intimate relationship while they are abroad on expat status. And Japan’s obsession with girls and anime/manga, how they start making women into objects. It’s a bit disheartening. 

And then there’s the uniform situation. WHY do high school girls divert from the nicest looking kids in uniform to the most clique time of on’e life.

OK I’m sure i’ll bring this up again. Goodnight and peace.